System Upgrade



System Upgrade (Effective 14 November 2016)


The MTR E-Tendering System has been upgraded on 14 November 2016 (cut-off date). Being a registered user of the System, you are kindly requested to take note of the following changes and to check and ensure that your computer is properly set up to meet the new system requirements; otherwise, you would not be able to get access to the system thereafter.   


Upgraded System Requirement Changes

Before upgrade, the system supports:

l   Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

l   Java IE browser plug-in


After the upgrade, the system not support:

l   Microsoft IE 6

l   Java IE browser plug-in (for document issued on/after the cut-off date)


and support:

l   Microsoft IE 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11  (IE 7 and 8 would be supported until 14 February 2017)

l   Goggle Chrome (for document issued on/after the cut-off date)


If you are using IE 6, you must upgrade your computer to a higher IE version to access MTR E-Tendering System AFTER system upgrade (IE 9, 10 or 11 is recommended).  


If you are using IE 7, 8, 9, or 10 and have previously set up your computer accordingly to our requirement; you may continue to use the E-Tendering System after the system upgrade. However, the E-Tendering System will no longer support IE 7 and 8 with effect from 15 February 2017, you are reminded to plan ahead upgrading your PC to a higher IE version before the de-support date. 


Google Chrome can only be used to submit document in response to MTR PQ / Tender / Q&A issued on / after the cut-off date. 


Please refer to Part (A) of the New System Requirement and Setup Guide (R3.16) for details of how to upgrade your IE. 


The enhanced E-Tendering System will no longer use IE Java plug-in to support suppliers' submissions for newly created document with effect from the cut-off date. However, responses to MTR documents issued before the cut-off date will follow the existing way of using IE Java plug-in.    


There will accordingly be a slight change to the digital certificate requirement and the submission process for PQ / Tender / Q&A. You are required to read through Part (B) of the New System Requirement and Setup Guide (R3.16) to understand the submission requirements during this transition period, in particular if you have to submit responses to MTR documents both issued before and after the cut-off date.    


Please note that the system upgrade has also made some enhancements to the operation process of the MTR E-Tendering System.  A Summary of the Operation Enhancements is attached for your noting.  Our User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) have been posted to the MTR E-Tendering System web site for your information.    


If you have any queries or encountered any problem in the new system requirements and setup, please contact us.


Procurement & Contracts Department

MTR Corporation Limited


Dated : 14 November 2016


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